Inspection results – pyrotechnic articles in 2020

(Prague, 15 February 2021) In 2020, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority0 offered, sold and stored pyrotechnic articles. Act No. 206/2015 Coll., on pyrotechnic articles and their handling, imposes on traders the safe handling of fireworks, which could seriously endanger the health of the consumer in some cases. The CTIA carried out 140 inspections last year and found violations of this law in 23 cases. "During the inspections, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority was also sales to minors who, according to this Act, do not have the possibility to purchase pyrotechnic articles due to the non-compliance with the required age limit. The use of pyrotechnic articles by juveniles poses a high risk to them and to their surroundings. The CTIA will continue these inspections in order to maximally prevent the sale of dangerous fireworks to juveniles," says Mojmír Bezecný, Director of the CTIA.

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