Inspections of gas cartridges indicated flaws

(Prague, October 16, 2020) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority evaluated the inspections of gas cylinders, which are used in commercial facilities and households. It is mainly a segment of the food industry, where are used, for example, bottles with a mixture of technical nitrogen and carbon dioxide suitable for tapping lemonades, beer or the creation of whipped cream foam. CTIA inspected 5 types of cylinders from 6 distributors. Deficiencies were found in 3 types. "Due to the extent of the deficiencies identified and the large number of operators offering the distribution and filling of cylinders, we plan to carry out another inspection action involving inspectorates of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority in all regions, which would ensure a greater number of inspections and thus a more comprehensive picture of the market situation," says Mojmír Bezecný, Director of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, on the results of the inspection action.

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