Inspections of marking of the power of LED diodes (Results of investigations on the grounds of submissions to inspection)

(Prague, October 18, 2012) This extraordinary inspection action had its roots in the growing number of submissions by both consumer and professional public pointing at the overestimation of parameters of the equivalent power of LED lights in indirect light sources. The business in the field of modern economical light sources has developed quickly in the consequence of reducing production and selling of traditional light bulbs, but it is difficult for consumers to orientate in the offers. Only some are able to compare optical parameters of individual types of light sources and choose suitable lights for their households. It is not possible to choose modern lights in the same way as the traditional bulbs considering their power in Watts – with regard to the significantly higher effectiveness (rate of luminous flow and power) as well as significant differences in effectiveness of individual types of light sources. In more than one third of the checked premises, the CTIA inspectors found breaches of some of the obligations as provided by the legal regulations.

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