Inspections of playgrounds and their elements

(Partial report of the period from April 2 to June 15, 2013)

(Prague, July 23, 2013) Inspections of playgrounds are carried out from spring to autumn and are especially focused on playgrounds that newly put into operation because safety of play elements must be assessed as stipulated in the Act on Technical Requirements for Products. Attention is also paid to playgrounds that have already been in operation where risk of injury as a result of insufficient care from the operators is very high. In the evaluated period from April 2 to June 15, 2013, in total 79 commercial subjects operating equipment of playgrounds or placing it on the market were checked. “It is sad that not all operators of playgrounds comply with the obligations stipulated in the appropriate legal regulations and do not secure the safety of children or eliminate risk of injury to minimum. Play elements and equipment of playgrounds are intended for easily vulnerable users and, thus, inspections will continue during the following months,” the Director General of the CTIA Vladimír Velčovský said.

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