International inspection of child care articles

(Final report from international surveillance action concerning child care articles)

(Prague, April 10, 2013) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority was involved in an international action focused on safety of child care articles, namely pushchairs and baths and baths with stands. The aim was to consider the situation in the market and check whether currently offered pushchairs and baths meet safety requirements as stipulated in applicable legal regulations or how significant potential shortcomings are. Laboratory analysis of collected samples mostly simulated situations in which most frequently children can be injured during usual use of such products. Within 72 inspections carried out at producers, importers or distributors of child care articles in the inner market, shortcomings were detected in 35 cases. Bans of further sale due to breaches of information obligations stipulated in the Act on General Safety of Products or the Act on Consumer Protection were imposed on 199 pieces of products amounting to the total of 128,411.20 CZK and inspected subjects were imposed 35 fines totalling to 259,000 CZK.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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