iPhones sold as paralyzers at marketplaces

(Pilsen, October 14, 2014) Repeated inspections of border marketplaces is a usual practice of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority which collects counterfeits of goods whose value calculated in prices of originals exceeds millions of Czech crowns. All this money is a loss to owners of branded trademarks. But things were a little bit wilder than usually within the last inspection at marketplaces in Western Bohemia where 3,000 pieces of fakes amounting in total to 19 million of CZK were detected, including 25 counterfeits of iPhone designed mobile equipment. Their label indicated that these were not cell phones, but LED lights with several functions which is unsuitable for children under 3 years. Inspectors detected selling of iPhones-paralyzers in 10 stalls at three marketplaces. “I want to warn all consumers against purchases of these imitations of iPhone. Consumers are not informed in any way about these devices being paralyzers and rate of danger to users has not been recognized yet. Therefore the counterfeited iPhone will be assessed concerning safety,” said Jan Řezáč, the director of the CTIA Inspectorate based in Pilsen.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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