(Prague, March 21, 2014) Based on a request by a German supplier, the company Kaufland Czech Republic, v.o.s., informed the Czech Trade Inspection Authority of withdrawal of a dangerous product. The information concerned a kettle Tristar WK-1317, lot number 0557-1317, that was sold in Kaufland stores from December 2013.

As the company Kaufland CR stated, it may happen that inner conductors of the kettle melt through the base’s cover during use. Further, the company states that this situation was widely tested and the result showed that the kettle had not been produced in compliance with the Directive relating to electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits (2006/95/EC).
If you own the kettle WK-1317 with the lot number 0557-1317, you shall return it to the Kaufland store even without any bill of purchase. If you cannot return it to any Kaufland store, you shall not use it anymore and liquidate it. (You can check the lot number on a silver stamp sticked to the bottom of the base.)

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