LPG: excessive sulphur content

(Monitoring of fuel quality in April 2014)

(Prague, May 20, 2014) Inspections of fuel continued in compliance with the schedule in April 2014. The total of 15 of 243 collected fuel samples – 6.2% – failed which was the worst result from December, 2011, when 7.4% of samples were noncompliant. The reason for such result was higher number of poor quality LPG samples. Based on shortcomings detected in LPG samples in March, the CTIA increasingly focused its attention on this fuel type. Laboratory analysis proved the suspicion: in 10 of 37 collected LPG samples exceeding of limit sulphur content was detected. The exceeding was even triple when compared with the requirements. As for other fuel types, quality requirements of technical standards were not complied with in 3 diesel fuel samples, 1 diesel fuel blend sample, and 1 automotive petrol sample. Almost 5,000 litres of poor quality fuels amounting to about 100,000 CZK were prohibited.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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