Many fakes in the Czech market

(Interim report for the third quarter of 2013)

(Prague, November 28, 2013) In the third quarter, CTIA inspections that are focused on products infringing certain intellectual property rights continued. Inspectors checked whether sellers offered, sold or stored counterfeits, illegal imitations of products or copies of audio or video media. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority focuses not only on stall sale in border regions or market places that are known for sale of fakes, but also inspects points of sale and boutiques in shopping malls or city centres widely visited by tourists as well as e-shops. Within inspections focused on unfair commercial practices, inspectors also detected other breaches which resulted in shortcomings being detected in 72% of inspections in the third quarter. A total of 3,859 pieces of counterfeits were collected; their price calculated in prices of originals amounted to almost 7 million CZK. A total 223 fines amounting to 1.9 million CZK were lawfully imposed for breaches of obligations within the evaluated period.

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