Moravian inspectors before Easter

(Ostrava, April 25, 2013) Ester time is the first year period within which consumers spend larger sums of money purchasing various foods as well as candies for carollers or presents for their relatives and friends. Thus, Easter becomes a “little Christmas” for vendors. This is why inspectors of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority focused on retail market concerning Easter assortment in Moravskoslezský and Olomoucký Regions. They detected shortcomings in more than a half of more than forty inspected entities and imposed 11 on-the-spot fines as well as bans on sale of 613 pieces of products and bans on use of four uncertified measuring instruments. Administrative proceedings with vendors will be launched in nine cases.

Before Easter, employees of the Moravskoslezský and Olomoucký Inspectorate focused on inspection of vendors offering Easter assortment concerning goods and services. Within 43 targeted inspections they detected shortcomings concerning 20 commercial subjects, i.e. in 46.5 % of cases.

Detected breaches of obligations
•    Seller breached principles of fairness of sale – 1 case
•    Seller didn’t allow buyers to check amounts of sold alcoholic beverages – 2 cases
•    Billing of inspection purchase was to the detriment of consumer – 1 case
•    Failure to provide information concerning prices of sold products in compliance with pricing regulations – 4 cases
•    Sale of products without displayed data concerning way of maintenance and material composition – 9 cases
•    Use of measuring instruments (scales) without valid certification – 4 cases
•    Breach of the obligations stipulated by the Act on Technical Requirements for Products – 3 cases

Taken action
The above mentioned detected breaches resulted in 11 on-the-spot fines amounting to the total of 13,000 CZK and shortcomings concerning 9 vendors will be subject to administrative proceedings. Ban of further use was imposed on four pieces of measuring instruments without valid certification and on further sale of 613 pieces of products amounting to the total of 21,324 CZK.

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