Most popular fakes: Audio and video discs and Adidas products

(Final report of 2012)

(Prague, March 7, 2013)
There are still a lot of fakes of various products in the retail market despite the surveillance authorities carry out permanent repressions. The fakes range from audio and video discs, forgeries of globally both known and unknown trademarks to counterfeits of legally protected industrial patterns. Consumers don’t sufficiently realize that a thievery of intellectual property is the same as any other thievery and that by purchasing fakes they become accomplices of the fakers. These customers can’t persuade anyone that they didn’t know that the goods were illegal fakes of branded products, especially after having purchased forgeries at a marketplace. During the last year, the CTIA employees detected offering and selling of products infringing some intellectual property rights in one third of the controls and took almost 50,000 pieces of fakes and duplicates. The checked persons were imposed fines amounting to more than 6.5 million CZK.

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