Penalty kicks on football field, fines in restaurants

(Report on special action within UEFA Super Cup in Prague)
(Prague, September 3, 2013) Incorrect amounts, failure to inform about prices, overcharged bills and uncertified measuring tools were the most frequent shortcomings that inspectors of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority detected within inspections related to the football match UEFA Super Cup 2013 in Prague. While football teams and fans were preparing for the football feast, inspectors were punishing “fouls” in restaurants, shops with groceries, souvenirs, and textile goods. In the period from August 26 to August 31 they checked 163 workplaces, including 62 (38%) in which breaches were detected. “It is not a good visiting card especially of Czech restaurants and it harms the image of the Czech Republic abroad. I consider these results unsatisfactory also due to the fact that we announced higher number of inspections in advance, so entrepreneurs could have counted with them,” Vladimír Velčovský, the Director General of the CTIA evaluated the results.

Besides the inspectors of the Středočeský and Prague Inspectorate, inspectors of other inspectorates also participated, namely from the Ústecký, Plzeňský, Jihočeský, Královéhradecký and Brněnský Inspectorates. Inspections were focused on compliance with provisions of the Act on Consumer Protection in those parts of Prague where highest number of visitors of the football match was expected. Inspectors checked fairness of sale, especially correct billing and provision of declared amounts of drinks and meals, and they inspected sale of goods related to football where sale of counterfeits was expected, i.e. breaches of certain intellectual property rights. At the same time, touristic areas in the centre of Prague were monitored where such fakes could be sold.

Detected violations
Breaches of some of the legal regulations supervised by the CTIA were detected in 62 cases. The following shortcomings were detected most frequently:
•    Use of uncertified measuring tools (25 cases);
•    Failure to provide declared amounts of drinks (22 cases);
•    Failure to inform consumers about price of goods or services (6 cases);
•    Failure to issue correct receipt of purchase of goods on consumer’s demand (4 cases);
•    Incorrect billing to the detriment of consumers (3 cases),
•    Sale of 2 types of football dresses and 2 types of football scarfs violating intellectual property rights (1 case). Counterfeits were subsequently transported out of reach of the inspected person.

Taken action
Use of measuring tools without valid certification has been banned until remedy is implemented. Inspectors imposed on-the-spot fines amounting to 29,000 CZK in total for less serious breaches. In other cases, breaches of legal obligations by inspected persons will be resolved in administrative proceedings.

Seven pieces of products infringing certain intellectual property rights were collected. The price of original products would amount to 24,000 CZK.

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