Presentation sales events – high fines

(Final report of 2014)

(Prague, January 29, 2015) In 2014, the public was permanently interested in activities of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority especially regarding presentation sales events. One of the reasons was the amendment of the Act on Consumer Protection that became effective on January 2014 determining new obligations to organizers of sales presentation events concerning reporting about events to the surveillance authority and information towards consumers. In total 66 organizers reported 27,600 presentation sales events during the year. However, there were also companies that didn’t report organization of such events and after having concluded contracts with consumers they didn’t communicate with nor consumers neither inspection officers. These entities change addresses of their seats and company names in order to make it difficult to find them and, hence, claims cannot be enforced indeed. “Despite the amendment eliminated certain problems connected with organized events and provided broader overview of commercial activities away of business premises, rules cannot resolve all problems. It also cannot exclude one’s responsibility for his or her own unjust reckless decisions. Until consumers accept invitations to such events and conclude unfavourable contracts concerning overcharged goods of average quality and uncertain characteristics, the number of such events and their organizers will not decrease – no matter the frequency of inspections and amounts of sanctions imposed by the CTIA. We repeatedly recommend consumers not to attend these highly risky events. This is the only way to avoid psychological pressure from sellers and possible financial loss,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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