Prices of discounted goods are often deceitful

(Partial report of the first quarter of 2013)

(Prague, May 23, 2013) Numerous discount actions of both goods and services held throughout the year and also consumers’ complaints have been the reason for the permanent monitoring and subsequent checking of discounts by the CTIA officers. The checks are carried out especially after the bill of the control purchase is issued and in case of suspicions that the price reduction was only fictitious or that the discounted price was billed incorrectly. “In the first quarter of 2013, controls were carried out in totally 1,158 shops, including e-shops that advertised discount actions, favourable sales or that offered sale of goods and provision of services for action prices. Almost 45% of sellers breached one or more obligations as stipulated in the appropriate legal regulations and the fines that were imposed in the respective period amounted to 3 million crowns,” Vladimír Velčovský, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, said.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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