Procurement of secondary raw materials is still problematic (partial report from the first quarter of 2012)

(Prague, August 2, 2012) Procurement of secondary raw materials is not only where metal waste is concentrated for further elaboration. As the controls carried out either by the CTIA alone or in cooperation with the Czech Environmental Inspectorate have proven, some operators of the procurement centres also buy various objects whose procurement is forbidden due to the suspicion that they were stolen (manhole covers, metal parts of street lighting, traffic signs, safety cables and so forth). In the range of their competencies, the inspectors of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority also check whether operators of procurement centres breach legally stipulated obligations when it comes to the assortment of procurement, information obligations or fairness of sale; they also check validity of measuring tools used. During the first half-year, in total 196 workplaces procuring secondary raw materials were inspected and breaches of some obligations were found in more than one third of them.

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