Proportion of poor quality fuels reduced in 2013

(Monitoring of fuel quality in 2013)

(Prague, February 11, 2013) All-year monitoring as well as continuous and targeted inspections carried out by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority in cooperation with other surveillance authorities in the Czech market with fuels have resulted in further slight reduction of proportion of poor quality motor fuels in the retail market. In 2013, CTIA collected a total of 2,495 samples of motor fuels, including 73 (2.9%) that failed requirements of technical standards. The proportion of minor deviations from required quality reduced when compared with 2012. However, serious deviations were detected in higher number of samples. According to nature of deviations from required quality we can assume that admixtures were used and significantly influenced characteristics of fuels. In these cases, not only consumers’ interests and the environment are damaged, but there also are tax evasions. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority lawfully imposed a total of 60 fines amounting to 11,813,000 CZK for sale of poor quality fuels in 2013. Collection and inspections of at least 2,600 fuel samples are planned for 2014.

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