Quality of fuels – 2014

(Monitoring of fuel quality in 2014)

(Prague, February 16, 2015) In 2014, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority collected in total 2,663 samples of petrol, diesel, diesel fuel blend, LPG, CNG, and Ethanol E85, including 81 fuel samples that failed applicable technical standards. During the year, the authority closely cooperated with bodies of Customs Administration, General Financial Directorate, and the Police of the Czech Republic that were also informed about detected shortcomings concerning quality of sold fuels and with who the CTIA coordinated its inspection activities in the market with fuels. “Rate of findings doesn’t so much differ from the previous year however significance of detected findings increased. In 2014, there were less shortcomings concerning quality, i.e. so called negligence and seasonal deviations, namely by 14 %. However this indicates that the same increase was seen concerning more serious deviations in terms of possible contamination of fuels. The rate significantly increased due to high increase of poor quality LPG for engine in the market. Undesirable components in motor fuels significantly influence their characteristics and as a result of quality reduction not only health of consumers and environment but also fiscal interests of the state are damaged. Despite fuels quality can be considered good and stable, sampling of fuels will continue. It is one of the areas where consumer cannot defend himself against damages on his own,” the Director General of the CTIA Mojmír Bezecný evaluated the annual inspection action.

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