Revolver – a toy which endangers child’s health

(Prague, October 6, 2015) Parents who don’t buy imitations of guns to their kids do the right thing as not all such toys are safe. This was also proven by a recent CTIA officers’ finding. They detected a revolver offered in the Czech market which poses a serious risk of health damage. It can happen that within a usual and predictable way of use of the product, a child can get injured as a result of inhalation or swallowing of released small parts or a whole missile. Danger is also there when a child shoots a different object from the gun, for example a pencil – this is possible without the consumer being informed about it. Based on prohibition of sale, the distributor withdrew the product from the market and complete documentation was transferred to the contact point at the Ministry of Industry and Trade which would notify the product into the system RAPEX.

The complete press release is availabble in the attachment.

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