Sales events again with findings

(Partial report of 3rd quarter of 2014)

(Prague, November 10, 2014) Results of 150 inspections carried out by CTIA inspectors concerning sellers of products and services at presentation sales events confirmed that a number of them do not fulfil their obligation to announce organization of such events and information obligations towards consumers as stipulated by the Act on Consumer Protection. “They avoid announcement obligations by presenting these events as tasting sessions or as opportunities for favourable purchases of food. Some sellers keep secret not only the place and time of events, but also their own identity in order to avoid CTIA inspections or make the inspections impossible,” says Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. The above mentioned violations of law stood for 60% of all shortcomings. In other almost 20% of cases inspectors detected prohibited use of unfair commercial practices. For these as well as other breaches of obligations, in total 75 fines amounting to 5.6 million CZK were lawfully imposed in the monitored period. “Some vendors move their activities directly to consumers’ homes which makes potential inspections even more difficult. Seller has the power to take as much time as he wants to make consumers believe that purchase of offered products is advantageous and many consumers believe and sign a sales contract concerning a product for tens of thousands of Czech crowns. In addition it is often very difficult to withdraw from such contract and to get money back,” Mojmír Bezecný alerts against ill-advised purchases.

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