Sellers of decorative wallpapers failed within the inspections

(Results of the inspection of wallpaper products)

(Prague, January 28, 2013) When inspecting the assortment of decorative wallpapers, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority focused on 74 distributors and found breaches of obligations as provided by the applicable legal regulations in 39 cases, i.e. more than a half of the inspected subjects. Breaches of the Act on Technical Requirements for Products were detected in 21 distributors given that the wallpapers placed on the market after January 1, 2011, were not marked with the CE marking or the distributors failed to hold the complete information about the CE marking within the commercial documentation. In the other 18 cases, the Act on Consumer Protection and the Act on the CTIA were breached. Consumers should not choose decorative wallpapers not only according their style or price, but they should also check their marking and require information about their characteristics and the way of use.

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