Sellers’ practices harm consumers at secret events

(Final report of 2012)

(Prague, February 7, 2013) Presentation events have become a nightmare for many seniors because these pleasant trips changed through the years into a threat causing fear of how to pay debts into which the elderly people fall. These customers have low legal literacy and naively trust those “nice gentlemen offering the best goods which cannot be bought anywhere else”. And who would resist the prize whose value is tens of thousands Czech crowns? Who cares that you can win it only when you buy goods amounting to thirty thousand crowns? And before one realizes that the purchase was not as favourable as it seemed, the legal period for withdrawal from the contract has passed and the prize has become a financial burden. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority pays due attention to the inspections of the presentation events in order to prevent damaging the rights of consumers and it punishes unlawful conduct of the sellers. In 2012, the CTIA inspectors attended 281 presentation events and found breaches of one or more obligations in 204 cases. The fines imposed for breaches of the legal regulations exceeded 5.6 million CZK during the last year.

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