Shoes 2014: wrong labelling

(Partial report of first quarter of 2014)

(Prague, May 13, 2014) Obligation to label shoes not only with standard data on manufacturer or size but also with symbols concerning materials used in major parts of shoes, i.e. material of the top, lining, insole and sole, is stipulated in an implementing decree to the Act on Consumer Protection*). As proven by results of an inspection action concerning labelling of shoes and shortcomings detected by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, a certain number of vendors don’t care about compliance with legal obligations. Inspectors detected shortcoming in half of 337 inspections of premises offering shoes. They most frequently saw breaches of information obligations. Sellers failed to properly inform consumers about characteristics of shoes, correct way of use, used material and about prices. The situation when consumer is not provided with bill of purchase can make potential enforcement of liability rights for defects more difficult. Bans on sale of noncompliant products were imposed and fines were imposed for detected shortcomings. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority will continue in continuous inspections of shoes.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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