Solid fuels in 2015

(Final report from the inspection project of 2015)

(Prague, March 21, 2016)
Inspection action was scheduled for the 2nd semester of the year when most consumers order coal and resupply fuels for the winter season. Besides compliance with principles of honest sale as well as other obligations stipulated in the Act on Consumer Protection, inspections were also focused on inspection of qualitative indicators of acceptable level of solid fuels pollution in the extent determined by the Act on Clean Air Protection and the applicable implementing decree. During 116 inspections, violations of generally binding legal regulations were detected in 52 cases, i.e. 44.8%. 14 samples of brown coal were collected to solid fuels qualitative indicators assessment. Laboratory tests were supplemented by the test of granularity of individual coal types and assessed with regard to the quality declared in product catalogues. “Within inspections of coal, sellers most frequently breached the principles of fair selling by supplying less weight of coal to consumers than ordered, but billed the originally ordered amount of the fuel. 5 of 14 collected brown coal samples failed the inspection of quality when laboratory tests showed that they failed the declared parameters of granularity. Three other samples failed other determined quality indicators. Most investigations are still in progress. Fines amounting to almost CZK 40,000 were imposed only in 15 cases for minor administrative delicts. With regard to the high ratio of detected flaws as well as increasing number of consumer’s complaints, inspections of sale of solid fuels and their quality will continue in 2016,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director general of the Czech trade Inspection Authority.

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