Some manufacturers deceive on effectiveness of domestic wastewater treatment plants

(Final report of project on packed and/or site assembled domestic wastewater treatment plants for up to 50 PT)

(Prague, October 8, 2013) From April 2012 to June 2013, based on suggestion by the Ministry of Environment as well as submissions or inquiries by consumers an inspection action was carried at 47 manufacturers of domestic wastewater treatment plants. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is the surveillance authority in terms of the respective products. Inspectors used manufacturers’ documentation provided by water authorities within building permits. “Within inspections, the CTIA inspectors among others proved that some manufacturers provided untruthful information. They exaggerated the cleaning effectiveness in comparison with real results of initial type tests and provided double documentation – one for CTIA and the other for building authorities. Ministry of Environment and water authorities will be notified of the results of the inspection action,” the Director General of the CTIA Vladimír Velčovský summed-up the results of the project’s final report.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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