Still difficult to claim tours

(Partial report of 1st quarter of 2014)

(Prague, May 27, 2014) Already before the start of the touristic season, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority began to monitor offers of services of tour operators and travel agencies. When inspectors detected shortcomings concerning information obligations, they launched inspections. Results of these inspections, consisting also of investigations of consumers’ queries from the first quarter of 2014, again proved that clients’ problems still repeat. Inspectors detected one or more violations of obligations in 16 of 61 inspections, i.e. in one fourth of cases. Shortcomings related to complaints and dissatisfactions with their settlement still persist. Other breaches concerned prohibited use of deceitful commercial practices when tour provider deceitfully or untruthfully informed consumers about conditions of offered services. Certain shortcomings relate to changes of the civil code that not all inspected persons got along with sufficiently. Therefore the Czech Trade Inspection Authority will keep paying attention to this form of commerce.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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