Summer season ended with fines for almost 500 vendors

(Final report for 2014)

(Praha, November 5, 2014) More than 1,300 inspections were carried out by CTIA inspectors all around the country and inspectors detected breaches of obligations in almost 40% of cases. Inspections were especially aimed at places widely visited by both locals and tourists, such as natural and artificial swimming pools, burgs, castles, museums, sport venues, accommodation facilities as well as facilities of alimentation services and refreshments. Vendors most frequently breached principles of fair selling, failed to inform consumers about prices of offered products and services and also failed to issue bills of purchase of products or used services on consumer’s request. Within the inspection action, in total 464 fines exceeding 1.2 million CZK were imposed while tens of other administrative proceedings have not ended yet. The same type of inspections will continue during the winter touristic season.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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