Summer touristic season in South Bohemia and CTIA inspections

(České Budějovice, August 5, 2015) The summer touristic season is a period when CTIA inspectors are busy also at the weekends. South Bohemia are attractive for tourists and when the weather is good there is no wonder that CTIA inspectors joined the crowds and visited the music festival Prázdniny v Telči. They carried out 4 inspections and detected flaws concerning all vendors. They inspected 4 vendors at Benátská noc, too, and detected flaws in 2 cases. On Sunday inspections continued at Porcinkule where only 1 of 4 workplaces met the requirements. CTIA inspectors aimed at the level of sale of goods. Less serious flaws resulted in on-the-spot fines amounting to 15,000 CZK during the weekend. Inspections will continue.

The comlete press release is available in the attachment.

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