Tour operators and travel agencies dislike settling claims

(Final report of 2012)

(Prague, March 14, 2013) Tour operators and travel agencies offer their trips long before the summer starts. Is it possible to choose a reliable tour operator or travel agency after the experience of hundreds of clients whose tour operators went bankrupt during the summer touristic season? And how did the tour operators treat their clients last year and how did their conduct towards consumers comply with their own contract terms and conditions? The officers of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority were checking it throughout the year and on the grounds of knowledge of all kinds, including consumers’ submissions, they checked totally 274 tour operators and travel agencies and found breaches of one or more obligations in 40% of the controls. In the frame of administrative proceedings, almost 100 fines amounting to 1.3 million CZK were imposed in 2012. “The results have confirmed that the rate of the detected breaches of obligations increased by 10% when compared to 2011. This is why I want to meet the representatives of the professional associations and negotiate rules to prevent these defects. Those who would not respect the rules would be punished more strictly in the frame of the competence of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority,” said the Director General Vladimír Velčovský.

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