Tour operators in 2015

(Interim report of 1st quarter of 2015)

(Prague, June 1, 2015) Offers of services and their level as provided by tour operators and travel agents belongs among fields that are monitored and inspected by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority during the whole year. Within inspections of the first quarter of 2015 more than a half of all proven flaws consisted of violations of obligations related to claims procedures. Failure to comply with formal requirements for acceptance and settlement of a claim in the determined period were proven by inspectors in 15 cases. Sellers also failed to provide consumers with proper information about the extent, conditions and manner of exercising rights from defective performance or they failed to inform consumers about prices of package travels and related services. All of this can contribute to consumers’ dissatisfaction with fulfilment of the contract and result in claims. 25 fines amounting to 224,000 CZK were lawfully imposed to tour operators and travel agents in the monitored period.

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