Tourism services – 2014

(Final report of 2014)

(Prague, February 9, 2015)
Services provided by tour operators and travel agents were continuously checked by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority during the whole year. As inspection results showed, most tour operators managed to comply with requirements of the new Civil Code, but some subjects offering services in the field of tourism still have difficulties to comply with obligations determined by the Act on Consumer Protection, especially information obligations – half of detected breaches related to rights concerning defective performance and formal accessories within claims settlement. Violations were discovered in 99 of 276 inspections, i.e. ca 36%. In 2014, 96 fines amounting to 1.9 million CZK in total were lawfully imposed to entrepreneurs in tourism. “Despite certain improvements that we saw in the respective field, namely as rate of unfair commercial practices decreased and provided information about prices improved, consumers cannot be fully satisfied with the condition of services in tourism. They are still misinformed about their rights when making a claim and settlement of claims remains a weak element within conducts of tour operators and travel agents. Therefore we will keep inspecting these activities, including sale of tours on the internet where package holidays have been more frequently offered,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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