Vendors deceive at sales excursions

(Partial report of 1st quarter of 2014)

(Prague, May 6, 2014) In the monitored period, detected violations of the Act on Consumer Protection didn’t significantly change when compared with the previous year. Consumers were again deceived by incorrect or untruthful data about offered products and excursions as well as conditions under which it is possible to purchase respective items. Sellers kept declaring unproven positive effects of offered products on consumers’ health which was assessed as the use of unfair commercial practices. New violations of law concerned failure of events’ organizers to provide all necessary information in invitations as well as provision of untruthful information to consumers about products to be promoted, offered, sold or provided at the event. Some vendors failed the obligation concerning announcement of organization of such event to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority while others announced such event but didn’t organize it indeed. Within 186 inspections, CTIA inspectors detected shortcomings in 120 cases. A total of 42 fines amounting to almost 4.5 million CZK came into force and tens of other administrative proceedings are still in progress. Rate of social danger stemming from the breach of law as well as impact on consumers has always been reflected in the decision concerning the amount of fines.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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