Violations of law found in 3 of 4 online sellers of textile

(Prague, May 17, 2019) Last year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out an inspection focused on the sale of textile products on the internet. In mid-2018, it carried out 51 inspections and found infringements in 37 cases, which represented almost 73%. The inspections included tests of 35 samples of textile products. 22 of them didn’t meet the requirements of the European regulation. “The results of the inspections confirmed that products are often offered and sold to consumers with labelling and material composition being in the contrary to reality. Traders use deceptive commercial practices, do not provide obligatory information such as how and where to claim goods and don’t inform about the alternative consumer disputes resolution body. The consumer is thus deceived and makes decisions that they wouldn’t make otherwise within purchases of textile products,” says Mojmír Bezecný, Director of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

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