Watch out for toys without marking!

(Prague, December 2, 2015) Within the inspection action of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority focused on toys, CTIA officers inspected the assortment in the SAPA marketplace in Prague-Libuše. Toys are often purchased as Christmas presents, co sellers try to offer as widest offer of toys as possible. However not all toys are properly marked and labelled in compliance with applicable legal regulations despite being intended for the most vulnerable smallest users. Prohibition of sale was imposed on almost 200 pieces of toys amounting to the value of CZK 33,575. “It can’t be presumed that a toy which isn’t properly labelled and marked is safe. Therefore permanent market surveillance in necessary in this area and I recommend all consumers not to underestimate the significance of the CE marking and not to buy anonymous toys. The risk of damaged to the health of children during game in very high in this case,” said Jan štěpánek, the Director of the CTIA Inspectorate based in Prague.

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