Winter touristic season almost without snow and inspections

(Continuous report of 4th quarter of 2015)

(Prague, February 15, 2016)
Warm weather postponed the start of the winter season to the pre-Christmas period and, hence, the number of continuous inspections carried out by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority aimed at offer and sale of goods and provision of services in ski resorts was very low. With regard to the unfavourable snow conditions, ski resorts were mostly closed for tourists, so inspections couldn’t be carried out or were carried out to a minor extent. During almost thirty inspections flaws were discovered in 8 premises – 5 on-the-spot fines amounting to CZK 6,000 were imposed. Measures will be imposed within the competence of the CTIA in the other three cases. The second phase of the inspection project has continued from January 2, 2016, and overall results will be evaluated by the end of the first quarter of the year.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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