One diesel sample failed in January

(Prague, February 28, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority keeps monitoring fuels quality in 2019. In January, it inspected 223 fuel samples, including one diesel sample that failed the quality requirements.

One third of inspected vendors violated law in Špindlerův Mlýn

(Hradec Králové, February 26, 2019) In the winter touristic season, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carries out inspections in interesting and sought-after locations, which are mainly visited during the winter season. The CTIA Inspectorate of the Hradec Králové Region and Pardubice Region focused on compliance with legal regulations in the Špindleruv Mlýn area. It has carried out the total of 20 inspections and detected violations in 6 cases. Vendors most often violated consumer rights, for example, when they didn’t inform about the correc...

In 2018, CTIA took 3,000 items of counterfeits more than in 2017

(Prague, February 22, 2019) In 2018, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out a total of 1,914 inspections aimed at offering, selling and storing products infringing certain intellectual property rights. In the course of 2018, it took a total of 41,379 items of counterfeits, which is 2,994 counterfeits more than in 2017. In terms of assortment, most of the infringement of intellectual property rights related to textile products and the following trademarks: Pokémon, Salomon, Apple, Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Gucci, and ...

Classic presentation sales events still on decline

(Prague, February 8, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has monitored the organization of sales presentation events for a long time. In recent years, they have seen their numbers declining. In 2016, the law was violated in 76 percent of inspections, and in 2018 it was only 27 percent. The organizers of the events most often and repeatedly violated the obligation to notify the CTIA about the organization of such events. "The results of the inspections confirmed that the organization of the classic presentation sales events is on the decl...

Inspection results of fuel quality in 2018

(Prague, February 8, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority continuously monitors the quality of fuels at filling stations across the Czech Republic. In the final report, it presents the results of the 2018 fuel quality monitoring inspections. Out of the total of 2,645 samples collected and tested, the samples failed to meet the required quality requirements. These were automotive petrol in 19 cases and diesel in 9 cases. In the past year, the CTIA imposed a ban on sale of 104,582.34 litres of fuel worth CZK 3,477,867.60.

CTIA found successful imitations of food in Tachov region

(Prague, February 8, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has taken successful imitations of products interchangeable with food. These were imitations of various fruits, sweets and desserts. "Imitations of cakes that are very popular with children – muffins and croissants – were very good. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority of the Pilsen Region and Karlovy Vary Region found them in an ordinary shop in Tachov. They were made of foam and have a sweet smell, "says the Director of the CTIA Inspectorate of the Pilsen Region and Karlovy Vary ...

CTIA detected dangerous toys within international action

(Prague, February 6) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority took part in an international joint action aimed at inspecting toys. Seventeen European countries, including the Czech Republic, participated in the project. The inspections carried out within this international action were focused on plastic toys that could contain excessive amounts of some chemicals and pose a health risk to children. "This international audit confirmed the presumption that there are toys in the EU market that do not meet the safety requirements. During the inspections...

Furniture with electric equipment must have clear safety instructions

(Prague, February 5, 2019) During the year 2018, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority focused on inspections of furniture with built-in electric equipment. During this period, 5 inspections were carried out by selected distributors. In one case, he detected an infringement. There was a missing instruction for use with clearly understandable safety information. Furthermore, the vendor used unfair commercial practices, including the fact that they didn’t inform about how to make a claim.
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