Unsafe Products

CTIA prohibited a dangerous hairdryer

(Prague, August 23, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority found a dangerous hairdryer Sencor which was offered and sold in the Czech market. Within laboratory tests, the plastic cover melted and the parts of the electric circuit uncovered. The user can burn in the consequence of the melting or get in touch with the parts of electric circuit and get injured by the electric current.

CTIA prohibited the car „Stunt Radio Control“

(Praha, August 21, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority found out that a toy „Autíčko STUNT RADIO CONTROL” is offered in the Czech market. The toy significantly exceeds the permitted limits of lead and cadmium. Further, the information that the toy isn’t suitable for children under three years, is displayed only in English on the packaging.

A dangerous baby carrier „Lionelo Isa Red“

(Prague, August 16, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority detected a baby carrier which isn’t completely safe for babies. We speak about the product “Lionelo Isa Red” from which the baby can fall out or from which it can tear and swallow a plastic sticker.

CTIA prohibited the toy „Fantastic Elite Blaster“ in the market

(Prague, August 8, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has long-term searched for dangerous products in the domestic market. This time it detected a toy which poses risks to the environment, isn’t equipped with the required information about the manufacturer nor importer of the toy to the EU. There is also no information provided in Czech.

Mobile charger „PDFVJB“ is also dangerous

(Prague, August 7, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority warns consumers against another dangerous mobile phone charger on which the text “4-OK” is displayed as is its name „PDFVJB“. The inspection detected a serious risk of injury by electric current.
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