Unsafe Products

Girl’s swim bikinis don‘t meet the safety requirements

(Prague, May 24, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has been monitoring the occurrence of dangerous products on the domestic market for a long time. This time, it found out that girls' swim bikinis are offered for sale despite not being in compliance with the safety requirements for baby clothes. We speak about the girl's bikini product "FOR YOU".

Toy dangerous to kids and the environment

(Prague, May 9, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority continuously monitors the offer and sale of products that may be unsafe for small children. This time, it found out that the battery powered piano “Animal World” is in the internal market and can be risky not only to the smallest consumers but also to the environment.

CTIA found dangerous plush dogs with ribbons and glasses

(Prague, April 18, 2019) Two toys appeared in the market, which can be dangerous for the youngest children. These were small barking dogs, one with red ribbons and one with glasses and a hat. CTIA inspectors found that in case of the both toys it is possible to open the battery case without the necessity to use any instrument and to remove the batteries from the case – small children can put the batteries in the mouth and suck them. Furthermore, the toys contain small parts, such as a jingle bell, which can also be dangerous to children. The pr...

„Glow stick“ is dangerous to children

(Prague, March 12, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority found out that there is a toy in the Czech market that can pose a risk to children. It is a product "Svítící tyčinka" (glow stick in English). The Czech Trade Inspection Authority ordered immediate withdrawal of the product from the market.

CTIA found successful imitations of food in Tachov region

(Prague, February 8, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has taken successful imitations of products interchangeable with food. These were imitations of various fruits, sweets and desserts. "Imitations of cakes that are very popular with children – muffins and croissants – were very good. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority of the Pilsen Region and Karlovy Vary Region found them in an ordinary shop in Tachov. They were made of foam and have a sweet smell, "says the Director of the CTIA Inspectorate of the Pilsen Region and Karlovy Vary ...

CTIA prohibited a dangerous electric razor

(Prague, January 11, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority detected a new type of dangerous products – electric razors. The razor found in the Czech market was „Boli Razor RSCW-6008“ that had no obligatory marking and also freely accessible parts under voltage, so its user can easily be seriously injured by the electric current.

CTIA prohibited a dangerous moisturising bath product

(Prague, January 4, 2019) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority found out that a moisturising bath product which can pose risk to children was offered in the Czech market. It is a product imitating a cupcake and is dangerous due to its interchangeability with a grocery. If small parts are released from the cupcake, a child can swallow or inhale them.

CTIA found dangerous dummy on Facebook

(Ústí nad Labem, November 12, 2018) Inspectors of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority in Ústí nad Labem discovered a dangerous dummy with a clip that was offered via Facebook. The product can break into sharp parts and pose a serious risk to the baby. "If inhaled, released small parts can pose a serious risk of suffocation to the youngest children. It may also cause damage to the digestive tract if the broken parts are swallowed. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority banned displaying, offering of the toy or putting it on the market," said the ...
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