Anticorruption Initiative

Corruption takes the form of bribery, blackmail, intimidation and other similar undesirable practices. The CTIA’s Anti-Corruption Program consists of a series of anti-corruption measures, which aim to minimize the opportunity for corruption, including all associated work-related and criminal threats to CTIA employees.

If you have reasonable suspicion of corrupt behaviour on the part of employees of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, you can pass on this information via an e-mail to which is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This contact is intended primarily for controlled persons who are confronted with specific unlawful conduct of an inspector in the exercise of his/her powers. At the same time, it serves for any CTIA inspectors who are aware of illegal conduct of their colleagues.

We are sorry, our toll-free number (800 870 890) is no longer in service.

The Anti-Corruption Program serves to assess the suitability of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority’s internal processes and methods, and their subsequent amendment with the goal of minimizing possible corruption risks.

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