LED hazardous light chain

(Prague, 20 July 2023) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTI) has detected a dangerous electrical device in the domestic market, sold as Light Chain Karácsonyi jégcsap égösor.

Dangerous battery-operated toy

(Prague, 19 July 2023) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has found that a battery-operated children's toy in the domestic market is unsafe because the soldered joint inside the toy contains excessive amounts of lead and the toy's labelling lacks certain mandatory information.

CTIA inspected compliance with End-of-Life Products Act

(Prague, 18 July 2023) In the first quarter of 2023, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out inspections focused on compliance with Act No. 542/2020 Coll., on end-of-life products. It carried out a total of 458 inspections and found breaches provisions of this legislation in 202 cases. Most often, the last seller, distributor and manufacturer did not disclose the costs of taking back, processing, recovery and disposal of electrical equipment separately from the price of the equipment when selling new electrical equipment.

Violations of consumer rights persist in e-commerce

(Prague, 13 July 2023) In Q1 2023, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected compliance with applicable legislation in the offer and sale of products by traders via the internet. In total, it carried out 218 inspections and found breaches of legal regulations in 186 of them. Sellers most often failed to provide comprehensive information about the products sold. They also failed to inform consumers about the out-of-court dispute resolution (ADR) body or about the right to complain.

CTIA inspected the ban on the sale of alcohol and tobacco

(Prague, 12 July 2023) In the first quarter of this year, an inspection action was carried out to ensure compliance with legal regulations governing the offer, sale and storage of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, smoking aids, herbal smoking products and electronic cigarettes. In particular, this included the inspection of Act No. 65/2017 Coll., on Health Protection against the Harmful Effects of Drugs, Act No. 307/2013 Coll., on Mandatory Labelling of Alcohol, Act No. 353/2003 Coll., on Excise Duties and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Con...

One fuel sample failed in May

(Prague, 29 June 2023) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority monitored the quality of fuels in May 2023. It took and inspected a total of 223 fuel samples, including one sample of diesel fuel that failed the specified quality requirements.