Dangerous light chains detected in Pilsen and Karlovy Vary Regions

(Pilsen, December 17, 2018) Christmas is coming and the Czech Trade Inspection Authority of the Pilsen Region and Karlovy Vary Region aimed at inspecting light chains. From the start of December it carried out sampling of 19 items. Originally there had been a suspicion that some products can be dangerous, and the suspicion proved right within a professional test. The risk of such Christmas decorations consists of the fact that it is easy to open the box with wiring. So consumers have a free access to 230 V voltage which can lead to damage to he...

Some e-shops operators still fail legal obligations

(Prague, December 14, 2018) Use of unfair commercial practices is one of most frequent problems in e-shops as also proven by the inspections carried out by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority in the third quarter of the year. Vendors committed illegal practices in almost 85% of 177 inspections. “Some operators of e-shops don’t comply with their legal obligations long-term, especially regarding the Act on Consumer Protection. Sellers often provide untrue or no information which is important for consumers to make a decision within purchase of go...

CTIA inspected shops and restaurants in Svitavy

(Hradec Králové, December 12, 2018) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority of Hradec Králové Region and Pardubice Region carried out an extraordinary inspection in shops and restaurants in Svitavy. It carried out 24 inspection and found violations of legal regulations in 9 cases. Vendors most frequently breached the Act on Consumer Protection for example by failing to display measurement units of packed products, billed incorrectly, and sold counterfeits (in one case).

Inspections at Šenovská burza with no positive results

(Ostrava, December 11, 2018) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority of the Moravian-Silesian Region carried out 9 inspections in the Ostrava city marketplace. Violations of the Act on Consumer Protection were detected in all cases. Seven traders didn’t inform consumers about prices of products in compliance with pricing regulations, in another case the seller didn’t issue any bill of purchase based on consumer’s request, and in one case the seller didn’t properly inform consumers about the guarantee on purchased products.

Winter touristic season starts. Warning against unfair traders

(Praha, December 10, 2018) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority monitors the offer and sale of goods and services in touristic areas. It inspected widely visited resorts at the end of the last year and the start of 2018, and detected 131 violations of law within 365 inspections. Vendors most frequently failed the fairness of sale and didn’t inform about prices of products and services. Due to the fact that the number of detected shortcomings was quite high, CTIA will continue in its inspections in the upcoming winter season.

CTIA warns against Viagogo

(Prague, November 30, 2018) From the start of the year, CTIA received about 40 complaints relating to the website viagogo.com. Complaints most frequently concerned price increase during the order process online, impossibility to cancel the purchase as well as invalid tickets, failure to reimburse consumers after concerts were cancelled and so on. Officers of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority of the Hradec Kárlové Region and Pardubice Region carried out inspections based on numerous submissions from consumers and proved the use of unfair comm...

Slightly less anonymous clients in pawnshops in third quarter of 2018

(Prague, November 28, 2018) In the third quarter of 2018, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority saw a significant decrease of the number of anonymous clients in bazaars and pawnshop. In second quarter of 2018, it saw 15 cases of breaches of law that imposes vendors’ obligation to properly identify the client within purchase and sale of goods. In the third quarter of 2018, it was only 3 cases.

Beware of discounts

(Prague, November 23, 2018) In the third quarter of 2018, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out an inspection focused on the offer and sale of goods within seasonal clearance sales and special offers. It detected an increase of the ratio of breaches of law by 6% when compared with the same period of 2017. “Some vendors still deceive consumers by failing to display declared and advertised prices and to bill prices correctly. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority recommends consumers to check goods offered for reduced prices, to check i...

CTIA found counterfeits for 2 million in Strážné

(České Budějovice, November 20, 2018) CTIA of the South Bohemian Region uncovered counterfeits in the value of originals amounting to CZK 2 million within an extraordinary inspection at the marketplace. They mostly concerned textile products, belts, glasses, and footwear. A fine of up to CZK 5 million can be imposed for breaches of the Act on Consumer Protection. “Extraordinary inspection proved remaining flaws in the area of storage and offer and sale. Therefore the CTIA in South Bohemia will keep focusing on inspections in the border regions,...