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Not only discounts undergo big changes as from today

(Prague, 6 January 2023) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority points to the effectiveness of the amendment to the Act on Consumer Protection, which has a major impact on traders, especially in relation to special offers and clearance sales. “When determining discounts on products, traders will now have to base their discounts exclusively on the lowest price they have sold the product for in the last 30 days,” said Jan Štěpánek, director...

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In June, all inspected fuel samples complied

(Prague, 27 July 2023) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority took and inspected 229 samples of fuel in June. All samples met the quality requirements.
Colours of Ostrava

CTIA carried out inspections at the festival "Colours of Ostrava 2023"


LED hazardous light chain

(Prague, 20 July 2023) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTI) has detected a dangerous electrical device in the domestic market, sold as Light Chain Karácsonyi jégcsap égösor.

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