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Not only discounts undergo big changes as from today

(Prague, 6 January 2023) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority points to the effectiveness of the amendment to the Act on Consumer Protection, which has a major impact on traders, especially in relation to special offers and clearance sales. “When determining discounts on products, traders will now have to base their discounts exclusively on the lowest price they have sold the product for in the last 30 days,” said Jan Štěpánek, director...

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Last year, CTIA inspected compliance with the End-of-Life Products Act

(Prague, 7 May 2024) In 2023, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority focused on monitoring the compliance with Act No. 542/2020 Coll., on End-of-Life Products. It carried out a total...

On Victory Day, 8 May, sales prohibited in shops over 200 square metres of sales area, on Labour Day, 1 May, the ban does not apply 

(Prague, 29 April 2024) The provision of the Retail Sales Hours Act prohibiting sales on certain public holidays in establishments larger than 200 square metres and other establishments...

In 2023, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority focused its inspections on e-shops breaching law. It carried out almost 1,000 inspections and found deficiencies in 866 of them

(Prague, 26 April 2024) Last year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out 994 inspections focused on compliance with obligations stemming from generally binding legal regulations...

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