Information for Manufacturers

  • Notifying a dangerous product

Guidelines for the notification of dangerous consumer products can be found in the European Commission Decision (in PDF format).

The form (in Czech language) for notification of dangerous products in MS-Word format can be downloaded by clicking HERE.


  • Recommendations for performing a recall

Good practices for an effective process to withdraw from the market or to perform a recall of a dangerous product

The manufacturer or the distributor are obliged to ensure the product, which they place on the market or put into circulation, to be safe for the consumer (see Section 1(1) of Act No. 102/2001 Coll. on General Product Safety). In order to contribute to a smooth and efficient process of eliminating any further occurrence of identified products that pose a direct or indirect risk to the health or safety of consumers, from the distribution or from consumers to whom they have already been supplied, numerous international activities have been carried out. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority would like to offer to the attention of the public several materials created with the support of the European Commission:

Corrective-Action-Guide-Full.pdf (

Product recall Guide A-Z

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