CTIA inspectors in cooperation with customs officers during an inspection operation in the SAPA market in Prague jointly seized about 20 thousand pieces of counterfeit goods at the estimated price of the originals for CZK 95 million

(Prague, 5 March 2024) Two dozen inspectors of the CTIA Inspectorate of the Central Bohemian Region and the City of Prague were deployed to inspect the SAPA. They focused on inspecting the compliance with the ban on offer, sale and storage of products infringing certain intellectual property rights. Representatives of the owners of the trademark rights also took part in the inspection action. 

The inspectors of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority together with customs officers inspected a total of six selected storage containers, in which they seized and then stored out of reach of the inspected persons a total of 20,300 items of counterfeit goods with the preliminary estimated value of the prices of originals amounting to CZK 95 million.

“Our inspectors, together with customs officers, focused on pre-selected locations suspected of offering, selling and storing counterfeit goods during the day-long inspection operation. During the inspections, the inspectors used their authority to gain access to buildings, including opening closed areas in connection with the inspection. This authorisation clearly determined the effectiveness of the action, which was 100%,” added the Director of the CTIA Inspectorate of the Central Bohemian Region and the City of Prague. Prague Mgr. Karel Mojžíš.

The registration of the stored products and their removal took the working groups of CTIA inspectors and the customs officers many hours. On the spot, the CTIA inspectors seized mainly counterfeit clothing and footwear. The seized counterfeit goods will be disposed of or offered for humanitarian purposes after the completion of all administrative tasks related to the inspection operation.

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