Inspections of special inspections in the mountains

(Prague, 30 January 2021) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority today focused on inspections of the Consumer Protection Act as part of a joint inspection action in the mountains. These were mainly inspections in Šumava, the Krušné hory and the Jizera Mountains. No breach of the CTIA surveillance competence was identified. The event took place in cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic, which has the competence to penalize violations of measures taken against the spread of COVID-19.

CTIA inspected funeral services in 2020

(Prague, 29 January, 2021) Funeral services are a specific area of services that the Czech Trade Inspection Authority thoroughly inspects, as it is used by consumers at a time when they cope with the loss of their beloved ones. During the inspection, the CTIA carried out a total of 77 inspections and detected breaches of the Consumer Protection Act in more than 30% of cases. "Because we carry out this type of inspections, the level of funeral services provided has improved. When compared to a similar action carried out in 2017, the number of fi...

Inspections of bowling pinsetters without proven flaws

(Prague, 22 January 2021) Bowling is a very popular sport in the Czech Republic, which requires its operators to meet certain technical, identification and other criteria. Bowling lanes operators must comply with the applicable legislation in order to avoid endangering the health and safety of consumers. This year, CTIA evaluated inspections it had carried out in 2019 within an international cooperation action. It carried out 34 inspections and found that the Act on Technical Requirements wasn‘t breached.

CTIA prohibited a dangerous children’s tracksuit

(Prague, 18 January 2021) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has identified a product in the market of the Czech Republic that can be dangerous for children. It is a children's tracksuit by Yvon Fashion, which does not meet the safety requirement for children's clothing. If, within the ordinary use of this product, cords are tightened in the area of the child's throat, the child may be strangled.

Violation of the prohibition on the sale of alcohol to minors is not in decline

(Prague, 4 January 2021) In the third quarter of 2020, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected the compliance with legal regulations relating to the sale of alcohol and tobacco. A total of 1,931 inspections were carried out as part of the CTIA control action. Of these, the CTIA found breaches of the Act on Health Protection from the Harmful Effects of Drugs in 173 cases where approximately 80% of the cases concerned violations of the prohibition to sell alcohol to juveniles.

2020: Some vendors breached Act on Explosive Precursors

(Prague, 8 January 2021) During 2020, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspected the compliance with the Act No. 259/2014 Coll., on Explosives Precursors, which regulates the obligations of traders within the offer and sale of these products. In 2020, it carried out a total of 88 inspections and found violations of the relevant law in 8 cases.
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