Some Czech e-shops continue to mislead consumers

(Prague, 11 November 2021) In third quarter 2021, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA) carried out inspections focused on compliance with legal regulations in e-commerce. It carried out 183 inspections and found that more than 80 percent of vendors operating domestic e-shops did not comply with law. Most often, they do not inform consumers about the conditions and method of exercising the right to claim defects of the purchased goods, about the possibility of out-of-court dispute resolution (ADR) and very often provide false information ...

In Q3 2021, the CTIA took counterfeits for more than CZK 30 million

(Prague, 8 November 2021) In the third quarter of this year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority continued its inspections to ban the offer and sale of counterfeit goods. It carried out a total of 232 inspections, during which it took 10,204 items of counterfeited goods worth CZK 30,266,372 when calculated in the prices of original products. Compared to the second quarter, there was a huge increase in seized counterfeited goods, as 2,507 pieces of counterfeit goods worth CZK 7,667,227 were taken from traders in this period.

CTIA inspected LED lights

(Prague, 5 November, 2021) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has evaluated inspections focused on the safety of fixed LED luminaires. In total, it inspected 22 types of products and found administrative deficiencies in 2 types of luminaires. All inspected types complied with the technical requirements.
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