Inspections of e-shops proved repeated shortcomings

(Praha, March 28, 2019) In line with the development of e-commerce, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, regularly inspects the compliance with legal regulations, especially the Act on Consumer Protection. During the inspections, it focuses primarily on those e-shops that could be evaluated as potentially defective based on the CTIA research or information from third parties. In 2018, it carried out 992 inspections in e-shops and found violations of legal regulations in 851 cases. “Shortcomings in e-shops repeat. Resellers usually don’t inform consumers about the ADR entity and the possibility to claim goods, and use of deceptive commercial practices. Furthermore, the experience from the inspections shows that the majority of contracts are increasingly moving to the social networks. The CTIA will pay due attention to this trend this year as well,” said Mojmír Bezecný, the Director of the CTIA.

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