Number of counterfeits doesn’t decrease in the Czech market

(Prague, December 13, 2017) In the third quarter of 2017, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out inspections focused on counterfeits of goods offered and sold by some vendors as original branded products. CTIA collected 7,018 items of counterfeits amounting to almost CZK 13 million calculated in the prices of originals. “During the last two years situation in the area of counterfeited goods hasn’t changed much. Within regular inspections we detected that the ratio of counterfeited goods in the total number of inspected goods is always about 23 %. Most counterfeited trademarks can be found in the area of textile range and audio or video products. Vendors intentionally deceive consumers and violate law, so CTIA will continue in these inspections,” said the Director General of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority Mojmír Bezecný.

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