We already know 1,000 risky websites you’d better avoid

(Prague, 22 December 2020) For the fifth year running, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority was leading a list of risky sites, which are usually anonymous or even fraudulent, and it is better to avoid them. This year before Christmas, this number of pages that we warn against already exceeded the magic number of 1,000. "The Czech Trade Inspection Authority does not have the legal power to directly block risky or fraudulent websites, but it can fine operators for violations of laws within the surveillance scope of the CTIA. Operators of these risky websites are usually anonymous not only to consumers, but also to the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, thus grossly violating the law, moreover, according to consumers, they often do not even deliver the goods. They will then find themselves on our list of risky websites that we warn against,“ says Mojmír Bezecný, the Director General of the CTIA.

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