2013: Inspections of tobacco sale

(Final report of 2013)

(Prague, April 25, 2014) CTIA inspectors inspect offering, selling and storage of tobacco products anywhere they find such assortment within their activities. In 2013, within 3,363 inspections they detected breaches of obligations stipulated in the Act on Excise Duties in the total of 35 cases. Besides prohibited sale of individual cigarettes from a packaging, they detected sale for lower or higher price than displayed on the tobacco stamp as well as sale of cigarettes without marking or with damaged stamps. However, inspectors paid attention not only to tobacco products, but also other obligations of sellers and services providers. Violations of these obligations were discovered in other 1,206 cases within the inspection action. The breaches especially concerned unfair conduct within sale, failure to inform about prices, failure to issue bill of purchase, and use of measuring instruments without valid certification. Ban on sale was imposed on 2,082 pieces of goods amounting to the total of 130,789 CZK and ban on use was imposed on 239 pieces of uncertified measuring instruments. Within the inspection action, 935 fines amounting to the total of 4.6 million CZK were imposed. Other administrative proceedings did not finish by the end of 2013 or decisions concerning fines did not come into force.

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