Fuels – July 2017

(Prague, August 30, 2017) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority saw a major increase of sampled fuels quality in July when compared with June 2017 – the increase was by almost 2.5%. Only two diesel samples failed.

CTIA took counterfeits for almost 3 million

(Brno, August 29, 2017) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority of the South Moravian and Zlín Regions carried out an extraordinary inspection at the ASIA BAZAR hate marketplace that was focused on sale, offer and storage of goods infringing certain intellectual property rights. CTIA carried out inspection of seven sellers and found breaches of obligations in all cases.

Year-on-year comparison of fuels quality

(Prague, August 25, 2017) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority compared fuels quality of the first quarters of 2016 and 2017. The comparisons showed a certain improvement. This year even saw the best result of the first 6 months in all the years in which the Czech Trade inspection Authority carried out inspections of fuels quality on the whole territory of the Czech Republic, namely the past 15 years.

CTIA inspection at Prázdniny v Telči

(České Budějovice, August 23, 2017) The renaissance town of Telč had many visitors at the turn of July and August because the 34th music festival Prázdniny v Telči was held there. Many stands with refreshments and various goods were there besides the cultural programme. The Jihočeský and Vysočina Inspectorate of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out 8 inspections focused especially on fairness of provision of public alimentation services as well as sale of toys and souvenirs. Inspectors detected violations in 5 cases, which represent...

E-shops – second quarter of 2017

(Prague, August 18, 2017) Czechs increasingly shop online. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority regularly monitors compliance with acts relating to the sale of goods in e-shops. When compared with the first quarter of 2017, it saw a 5% increase of findings in the monitored period. It detected breaches of legal obligations in 250 of 277 inspections, i.e. in more than 90% of cases. „CTIA most frequently saw violations of the Act on Consumer Protection, namely deceptive commercial practices long term used by vendors. In many cases, they fail to in...

CTIA inspected fairness of vendors at Ředhošt marketplace

(Liberec, August 14, 2017) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspects vendors not only in ordinary shops or e-shops, but also at marketplaces where vendors usually offer farmers’ goods, products from gardens, refreshments, textile products, toys and other goods. CTIA Inspectorate based in Liberec and Ústí regions carried out 4 inspections at the marketplace in Ředhošť and detected breaches of the Act on Consumer Protection in all cases.

CTIA focused on touristic areas at start of summer season

(Prague, August 11, 2017) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority carried out an inspection aimed at offer and sale of products and provision of services at the start of the touristic season. From May 2 to June 30, it detected violations of legal regulations in 98 of 319 cases which represented almost 31% of all inspections. Sellers most frequently failed to provide correct weight of meals or amount of drinks which resulted in incorrect billing and consumers paying more than declared by the seller in fact.
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