Inspection of payment cards without breaches of legislature

(Prague, 28 January 2022) Last year, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA) audited compliance with Regulation (EU) No 2015/751 of the European Parliament and of the Council on interchange fees for card payment transactions. It carried out a total of 103 inspections and found no deficiencies in this area.

CTIA inspections proved the sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors

(Prague, 27 September 2021) In the second quarter of 2021, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority continued to inspect the supply, sale and storage of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. In this period, it carried out 1,646 inspections and found violations of Act No.65/2017 Coll., on Health Protection against the Harmful Effects of Drugs, and Act No. 353/2003 Coll., on Excise Duties, in 60 cases. In 11 cases, inspections were carried out with contracted juveniles. In 6 cases, vendors sold or served an alcoholic beverage to a person under th...

CTIA inspected more than 500 toy models in Q3 2021

(Prague, 25 January 2022) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority continued inspections of children's toys in the third quarter of 2021. During this period, it inspected 525 toy models and found deficiencies in 212 models. 3 toy models were assessed as unsafe for the end user.

More than half of the inspected bazaars and pawnshops breached law

(Prague, January 21, 2022) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has evaluated an inspection operation focused on bazaars and pawnshops. It verified the traders' compliance with Act No. 253/2008 Coll., on Selected Measures against Legitimisation of Proceeds of Crime and Financing of Terrorism, Act No. 247/2006 Coll., on Limits on the Operation of Pawnshops and Other Establishments at Night, and other legislation. In total, 122 inspections were carried out and 56.5% of the inspected entities were found to have violated law.

The CTIA banned a dangerous car jack

(Prague, January 14, 2022) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTI) has found that a product offered in the domestic market poses a high risk to users. The product is an automotive manual scissor jack Compass, type: ST-105. Due to insufficient structural strength, the jack may deform and cause the vehicle to collapse. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has imposed a ban on the distribution of the product and withdrawal of the product from the market.

CTIA inspected electric chain saws

(Prague, January 6, 2022) The Czech Trade Inspection Authority has evaluated an action aimed at the safety of hand-held electric chainsaws. It inspected a total of 24 products and found deficiencies in 5 electric chainsaws.
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