Defects concerned only diesel in March

(Monitoring of fuel quality in March 2015)

(Prague, April 27, 2015) Samples of diesel fuels collected at filling stations during March showed deviations from quality standards only within 3 samples of diesel. In total 237 samples of motor fuels were inspected, including 3 that failed technical standards, i.e. 1.3%. The total rate of detected flaws was the same as in the previous two months. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority imposed prohibition of sale on 9 thousand litres of poor quality diesel fuel amounting to 286,000 CZK at two filling stations until remedy would be made. Administrative proceedings was launched with inspected entities whose fuel failed limits stipulated in the applicable standard. Decisions on fines fill be published on the CTIA’S website after decisions come into force.

The complete press release is available in the attachment.

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